Shenzhen Energy Environmental Co. Ltd(SEE) was founded in 1997 with the registered capital of RMB 3.150 billion. SEE is a large-scale and professional Waste-To-Energy (WTE) company controlled by Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd(SEC). As the national-level hi-tech enterprise, it is provided with the full-course industrial chain capacity involving R&D, design, equipment manufacture and operation of solid waste disposal and is recognized publicly as the technological and management leader in its industry in China. Also, it is the mere enterprise that has been appraised as “The Most Socially Responsible Enterprise” and “The Most Trustable Enterprise by the Government” consecutively for several years in its industry.   

As the first enterprise that has been working on the waste incineration program in China, SEE is provided with rich experience of over ten years in construction and operation of multiple projects. It has took the lead to introduce and digest the leading technologies of waste incineration from abroad and has mastered comprehensively the international leading environmental protection technology. In 2003, the national-level localization equipment model project, Yantian WTE Power Plant was completed and put into operation. Up to 2015, SEE had got 36 licensed national technological patents and acquired a number of global and Chinese science and technology prizes including the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

SEE is recognized publicly as the best high-standard builder and operator of waste incineration programs. Since it was founded, it has been upholding the operation philosophy, “high-standard design, high-quality construction and high-standard operation”. It has took the lead in applying the rigorous and sound production, operation and management experience of the electric power system to the WTE, and adapted and optimized the experience into the production, operation and management system suitable for waste incineration and with SEE’s characteristics. It has completed 6 WTE power plants in Nanshan, Yantian, Baoan (Phase I and II), Xingou of Wuhan, and Longyan of Fujian, with the total waste disposal capacity of 7,150t/day and 2,600,000t/year. The construction and operation standards have reached the international leading level. The emission results of its power plants in operation for over 10 years are still better than the latest emission standard of EU. Baoan Phase I has been the exclusive AAA   (the top ranking) WTE power plant voted unanimously in the ranking of national waste incineration power plants for their harmless disposal. Baoan Phase II is the only WTE power plant globally that was one-step built and put into operation and provided with the disposal capacity of 3,000t/day; it is the WTE power plant that boasts of the most advanced technology and the highest emission standard in China.

The high-standard operation philosophy and management level of SEE has been highly recognized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China. It has become the major compiler of the national standards, and has compiled or taken part in compilation of 15 standards so far, accounting for 58% of the standards applied currently in its industry. For this sake, it has been honored as the Outstanding Compiler of Standards.

SEE has been awarded the exclusive National High-quality Project Gold Prize in the waste incineration industry. In 2014, Baoan Phase II acquired the first National High-quality Project Gold Prize in the waste incineration industry and became one of the 79 winners of the prize in different industries since the PRC was founded. It was also the first of Shenzhen since it was built. The prize is the top honor in engineering construction in China. To win such a prize, design, equipment, construction, commissioning and operation of a program should be assessed completely. Baoan Phase II has created the largest speed among the WTE power plants at its same level from project commencement to generator unit startup. Many of its construction nodes have been completed faster than the benchmark schedules in its industry. It has created the largest single-furnace capacity, the global largest one-time operation scale, the best commissioning indexes, the highest per-ton power generation volume in China, the lowest service power rate and the shortest full-load commissioning time of 72 hours from waste feeding to completion. Moreover, during its construction, it realized the one-time accomplishment of ten key nodes including the hydraulic boiler test, turbine box-up, and boiler boil-out. Its flue emission indexes are far superior to China’s Emission Standard of the Waste Incineration Industry (GB18485-2014) and superior to the EU’s standard (EU2000/76/EC) as well. It has truly realized the smooth startup and high-level turnover.

SEE is creating the world’s records in the future. It is planning the globally-leading and first-rate-standard Shenzhen East WTE Power Plant with the capacity of 5,000t/day, and provides the full-course technological consulting service for the Incineration Center Phase II project (1,800t/day) of the Household Waste Comprehensive Disposal Plant in Chaoyang District of Beijing. Shenzhen East WTE Power Plant will bear the sustainable urbanization projects with Shenzhen Low-carbon and Environmental-protecting Industrial Park, integrate “production, office work, life, education and tourism together, demonstrate the high-end low-carbon technological achievements, reach the international low-carbon technological cooperation, and become the model and benchmark of the low-carbon energy supply, comprehensive resources utilization, low-carbon life and low-carbon development in the world.

After the its planned projects are completed, the total waste disposal capacity of SE Environment will reach 27,000t/day.

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