Longyan WTE power plant of Fujian
The first PPP project
Acquired in Jan of 2014
  • 2*300T/D
    Waste processing capacity
    Flue Gas emission:
    EU standard complied
    Longyan WTE power plant of Fujian

    Longyan Xindongyang WTE Power Plant in Fujian Province is subordinate to the holding subsidiary of Longyan Xindongyang Environmental Purification Co., LTD of SEEE which was constructed and put into operation in 2012. It is the important integration supporting infrastructure and environmental protection construction projects of Longyan. The scale is 600 tons /day, equipping with two garbage incinerators of 300 tons/day, one 12 MW steam turbine generator set, with the total investment being about RMB 250 million, and the floor space is about 56000 square meters. The project reserves the second phase 300 tons/day one furnace one machine interface.

    This plant’s incinerator and combustion controlling system and other key components introduces foreign advanced technology and equipment. It improved the stability of overall operation and reduced the discharge of flue gas pollutant. Flue gas discharge meets EIA approved pollutant total amount control requirements, and the index is more strict than the requirements of Domestic waste Burning Pollution Control Standards(GB18485-2001). The plant’s waste leachate and other life and production wastewater will be transported to waste water treatment station simultaneous matched construction and to carry out the unified treatment. Wastewater pollutant discharge solubility is more strict than the standard of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard(CB8978-1996).