Baoan Phase2 WTE power plant
431 days of world record
The First National High Quality Project Gold Award of Waste Incineration Industry
December 2012 put into operation
  • 4*750T/D
    Waste processing capacity
    Flue Gas emission:
    EU standard complied
    Longyan WTE power plant of Fujian

    Baoan phase2 WTE Power Plant is the world largest WTE power plant of one-time production scale. On December 25, 2012, it put across the whole plant’s 72+24 hours test run. The scale is 3000 tons/day, equipping with four waste incinerators of 750 tons/day, simultaneous establishing the flue gas cleaning systems of flue gas deacidification, dedusting using cloth bag, furnace denitration, etc., the waste heat power generation equipping two 32 MW steam turbine generator sets.

    The debugging of Baoan phase2 WTE power plant created a precedent of optimal domestic waste power generation project debug index, the shortest time from importing waste to complete 72+24 hours test run(tons of waste power generation, #3machine from grid connection to 72+24 hours completing 7 days, #3 machine full load rate104.6%, #4 machine full load rate 107.5%), and realized ten one-time success of auxiliary power awarding power, steam turbine impulse starting, unit grid connection, etc.. This plant created the world single incineration line431 days of long period running new record, and won the waste incineration industry’s first and the first National High Quality Project Gold Award for 35 years since Shenzhen reform and opening up.