Wuhan Jiangbei West(Xingou) WTE power plant
Researching and developing 500T grade incinerator equipment nationalization demonstration project voluntarily
December 2012 put into operation
  • 2*500ton/day
    Waste processing capacity
    Flue Gas emission:
    EU standard complied
    Longyan WTE power plant of Fujian

    Wuhan Xingou WTE Power Plant in Hubei Province is the WTE power plant of voluntarily researching and developing 500T grade incinerator equipment nationalization debugging successfully. It is the existing only Wuhan waste incineration power generation project of adopting mechanical grate boiler mature, reliable and leading technology, and its scale is 1000 tons/day, equipping with two 500 tons/day waste incineration line, and one 20 MW steam turbine generator set.

    Through two years project construction, the project put across 72+24 hours full load test run on December 30, 2012. Wuhan municipal government departments highly evaluated the project as "the shortest construction time, highly efficient work-fulfilling, the most advanced treatment process, the most harmonious plant environment, the optimal peripheral facilities", highly praised that Wuhan Xingou WTE Power Plant really practiced the historical commitment of "high standard design, high starting point construction, high quality operation, and high-performance management", and showed its enterprise culture spirit of "responsibility energy, strength energy, environmental friendly energy, and harmonious energy".